Master Magician for audiences of all ages and world wide performances! 

Biography for Jaysin Nightengale ...Get Comfortable!!!

Jaysin Nightengale - One of the world's Greatest Magicians!!! Magic so good you will swear it is real!!!
Jaysin Nightengale - One of the world's Greatest Magicians!!! Magic so good you will swear it is real!!!

Wonder and excitement abound with the Dazzling Displays of Magical Mysteries and Powerful Performances produced by Master Magician Jaysin Nightengale!

 "Greetings! For over thirty years I have been delighting audiences world wide with expert sleight of hand, mind reading, manipulation of candles, cards, coins, fire performing and so much more!

  I began my life long love with magic at the age of 11. After taking me to see Doug Henning and David Copperfield at an early age and seeing how enthralled I had become, my grandmother who had met Copperfield on a flight once, and had been gifted his autograph, [ask me about her memory of that beautiful experience]; gave me my first trick.(There is no love like the love of someone who supports you!)

Needless to say I was captivated by both wizards and so my mother bought me me first magic book called:             

" Mark Wilson's Complete Course In Magic"! 

I have learned so many of the magical effects from this tome, that I still perform and still own todayWith the knowledge from this course I would fool teachers in school, used my new found abilities to turn bullies into friends, and continue to rework into modern day material for audiences world wide!

There are two friends in my early days who helped me grow and introduced me to so much.... Robin Rodriguez and Michael Romano! These men continue to operate in the NYC and NJ areas!

I walked into a Magic/ Costume shop in Roselle Park NJ one day looking for a job and met my new friends! They showed me skill, taught me about moves and we collaborated on so many aspects of creating wonder. They introduced me to the videos, books, and effects of Jeff McBride, Rocco, Tommy Wonder, Eugene Burger and the classics of TarbelI, and Chavez... with so many more!

We invested hours of learing, and building our friendship in a wonderful setting of costumes, magic, gags and special effects; only those who "haunted" a magic/costume shop of the late 80's and 90's can appreciate what we were a part of! Because of their kindness and true friendship I pursued  my dreams! 

I started investing in books and videos (this was pre-DVD age), attending magic lectures where I was exposed to techniques on public speaking, script writing, lighting, character development, marketing and business; all the time getting better and better!

Eventually I started performing at local restaurants, children's hospitals, for private parties, then on the streets of New York City as a busker, pick pocket, fire eater and ultimately as a trade show/corporate performer; I was 18 by then! This lead me to getting bookings on television & in NY city's most popular restaurants, lounges and clubs where I entertained & enthralled audiences from all over the world!

  I have been seen on Good Morning America and Good Day New York! I have been a top performer for The Disney Channel, The Rosie O'Donnell Show and was the house Magician for Caroline's Comedy Club and Comedy Nation! I was even a contestant on the second season of America's Got Talent! I have even been blessed to grace the stages of Coney Island on multiple occasions! 

  As a real life wizard I have performed for the royal family of Saudi Arabia -The House of Saud, Astronaut: Dr. "Buzz" Andrin, celebrities: Ed McMahon, Pauly Shore, Rosie O'Donnell, The Spice Girls! Musicians Celine Dion, Kid from Kid 'N Play, Fat Joe, Ice Tea and many more have enjoyed & been enthralled by my magical presentations!

 Surrounded by the majesty of NY I created "Wonders On The Water": a Magic Boat Ride around Manhattan, where guests enjoyed a sumptuous meal, a guided tour of the sights along the Hudson River and close up that I designed to compliment the history of NYC!

  I also hosted and headlined a "Family Magic Show Matinee" at the famous Broadway Comedy Club for over 4 years! Where every Sunday children and families could enjoy the captivating entertainment my team and I produced!

  Seeking a draw to the West; I then went on to study and perform with Las Vegas legends such as my teacher and mentors Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger. I honed my skills under the guidance of expert Master Magicians, circus performers, side show entertainers, comedians, musicians and so many other great performers from all over the world!

  My skills and talents landed me contracts in Ceasars Palace, Mandalay Bay's: The Foundation Room, The Freemont Street Experience, lounges, clubs and at two of the top Magic Shops in Las Vegas where I helped teach the next generation of artists the classics!

I became a Las Vegas performer and teacher!

  Today I reflect on my life often, being grateful for having graced all of those amazing, enriching places and being blessed to be friends and a student of so many talented celebrities and all of the Broadway / "Off-Broadway" clubs, lounges and New York City's party and events scene's! I continue to enjoy a life rich with real magic"!

  Thank you for reading and being a part of this! Jaysin has worked with Rotary International, Audi, Macy's, MTV, The Disney Channel, and Charlotte Tilbury in promotional campaigns & private engagements! Organizations such The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, American Cancer Society, and March of Dimes have called upon Jaysin to entertain at fundraisers & to help build awareness to their great causes!

   New Jersey's Rutgers University, Montclair State, and Fairleigh Dickinson University { where he entertained representatives from over 28 different nations } have hired him to help inspire their members and alumni! 

   Today Jaysin travels globally, teaching, performing, producing, lecturing and is most recently writing a book of his life experiences, along with a composition on effects and performance tips for magicians!

     He has two amazing young children that have actually been on stage with him as some of the youngest performers in NYC! He continues to present astonishing effects and productions! Jaysin Nightengale helps audiences of all ages feel that sense of awe and inspiration! 

Please continue to explore the pictures and videos presented on this website! Most of all: feel free to contact Jaysin Nightengale  - Jaysin The Magician! As one of the most approachable educators and performance artists in the world he will be more than happy to talk with you! Jaysin is an educator, performer and producer that pulls frome areas of art, science, circus, side show, theater and philosophy - a maestro of the invisible movement, he will be a valued friend and contributor to your ventures! Again Thank You! 

- Jaysin Nightengale and the members of the Alliance Arts! 

A collection of a few videos presenting Jaysin Nightengale - Jaysin The Magician performing different effects and for an array of audiences! Here is where you can see the variety of skills he expertly demonstrates!

This is where you can reach out to Jaysin Nightengale  - Jaysin The Magician!

Use our "CHAT" feature to talk with Jaysin or a member of his team for more information and to discuss booking details! 

You may also contact Jaysin at:


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